Condemned in the Communist countries, Soviet athletes still use them. "The use of drugs," as one Soviet coach aptly stated, "will continue (be¬cause of their easy availability) until there are enough bomb-outs, flip-outs, or sufficient derangement of individ¬uals so that finally they will take note of the detrimental effects and cease to use (such drugs)."

The answer for improved perform¬ance or development is not in the use of drugs, but in the training. Knowing how to deal with fatigue is extremely important to any top-level performer. What happens to an ath¬lete as fatigue increases during a workout? Which kinds of exercises or exercise regimens bring on fatigue? At what rate does fatigue occur? If a weightlifter is doing low-rep, heavy re¬sistance work, as in a three-to-five MR (maximum resistance) routine with 15 sets, after the eighth set the technique of execution begins to change and the muscular development is not the same as it is in the first eight sets. By taking advantage of such knowledge, the most effective exercise regimens can be produced.

In addition, much work is done on how much rest should be taken after heavy and light loads, as well as the sequence of the loads in a single workout and in a weekly series of workouts. No one answer can be given here because the amount of rest will vary with the individual and his level of preparedness.

Part I of this article has dealt with re¬cent innovations to help prepare the athlete for maximum performance. Part II will deal with recovery. Be¬cause of the great loads that must be handled, research is being done to determine how the athlete can re¬cuperate so that he can handle still greater loads. We will describe many procedures that should prove very valuable to all readers.


The various ages are applauded. The gym be¬comes an arena where I have the op¬portunity to be a hero.The night before each workout, my brother Ray and I meet to plan our strategy for the next day's assault on immortality. Like supreme military commanders planning a massive at¬tack, we will pore over our training journals, deciding which exercises are needed for a particular bodypart and which scheme of sets and reps work the best.

During this nighttime summit and the next morning before the training session, Ray and I go about deliber¬ately cultivating an aggressive warlike attitude that will carry over into the workout.

Training for the 1980 Mr. Olympia, for example, we'd arouse our dor¬mant warrior instincts by listening to stirring classical music or hard, driv¬ing rock. Each of us had our own pieces of literature or philosophy we'd read, and often — to get really psy¬ched — we'd quote aloud from G. Gordon Liddy's book, Will. At times we would even refer to the competition it¬self as a battle and the competitors as our adversaries.

The point is we would deliberately cultivate this attitude to the extreme, using whatever form of mental gym¬nastics was required, to ensure that our workouts would be as intense as possible. By the time we'd leave for Gold's Gym to work out I could feel in myself and sense in Ray an anticipa¬tory anxiety akin to that of a soldier about to engage the enemy. Upon contact with our "enemy," the weights, our nervous tension would explode in a burst of energy so in¬tense that often the other body language


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